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Other Services

Cooking Classes

Enjoy gourmet cooking classes in the privacy of your own home. Let Jimmy T teach your group how to cook your favorite ethnic foods. Classes available for groups from as small as four people all the way up to twenty. Couples are welcome. All food provided. Simple-to-follow recipes come with all of the meals we teach you to prepare. We can teach you healthy, nutritious cooking. Hands-on or hands-off, it’s up to you.

Weekly Meals

Jimmy T’s food delivery service makes it more convenient for you and your family to enjoy healthy, customized meals. Let Jimmy T’s prepare an entire week’s worth of meals for you to simply heat, serve and enjoy. We can accommodate any dietary need. We have an extensive variety of meals to choose from, including entrees, side dishes, salads and desserts! We can slim you down or fatten you up!

We will deliver to your door, and all meals come with easy-to-follow heating instructions. Email or call us at (916) 350-4929 for more details.